marți, 2 septembrie 2014

You are perfect in your imperfection!

   I've always wanted to be special. I've always wished and loved perfection. The dream of my life was to become a perfect girl, a perfect daughter and a perfect friend. I dreamed to be a special class mate, a special neighbour and a special anonymous.  And I tried so hard to become one! I dreamed people to love me and at least, to see something beautiful in me. For example, when I was talking to people I'd like to make a good impression and, after the discussion ended, they say: "Wow, it's something special with this girl! I've never seen a girl like her!"

  But unfortunately, my dream hasn't come true. I was becoming more and more disappointed; my life was getting worse and I was wondering why. Why did my friends leave? Why people don't like me as I've always dreamed? Why are my relationships so weak? Why am I such a difficult person?

 One day I realized that as long as I continue to expect me to be perfect, my life will be a further disappointment. Nobody is perfect and no one will ever be perfect, even I.
Thus, God passed me through a difficult time, until I reached the point where I said: "I don't want to be perfect, eighter special! I don't pretend people to love me! I just want to be a normal person, as I really am, as God designed me to be!

  No matter how much you strive. You cannot achieve perfection! The more you strive, more you'll not get it.
But, you are enough just as you are. Perfect in your imperfection! You don't have to expect you or people to be perfect. You'll be disappointed, because only God is perfect. We are made to be exact so beautiful and special as we are, full of mistakes and regrets, full of imperfections. God loves us anyway!
Don't forget, He died for an imperfect world, making it so special and valuable in His eyes!